Monday, 9 May 2011

How to Improve Your Affiliate Earning

You may be an affiliate or is considering to join the affiliate programs in order to earn yourself an extra buck particularly at this time of global financial down turn. Affiliate programs for those who are not aware are programs based on promoting other people’s products to earn commission. It is like the old model where people used to call brokerage, but the difference is that affiliates are done using the internet instead of mouth to mouth deals.

Of well known affiliate programs are The ClickBank, PayDot Com, Primus and Wolfstormmedia just to mention but few. The first three pay affiliates commissions whilst the last one pays those who join their program by giving them what we call Pay per Action (PPA). Here, an affiliate is credited with some money ranging from a few cents to even a hundred dollars when a lead is generated via their websites or links.

Majority of affiliates fail and quit the game leaving the gurus to make even more money at ease. One reason for such a failure is getting involved without really understanding the tricks of the game. And one of the most important tricks most people do not know is how to promote the products using other websites other than the use of Google Adwords. This is a method where an affiliate pays Google for what is called Pay per Click and is very expensive if done without proper know-how.

There are thousands of other not so popular websites which are getting a reasonable amount of traffic each month and they allow affiliates put their ads on them with also a reasonable cost. But knowing websites where affiliates can put their banners or links is not easy considering that the net is so huge and continues to grow even bigger. However, this problem has just been recently solved by a Canadian Affiliate marketer called Steve Iser, who made extraordinary software called Commission Crusher.

Commission Crusher allows you to access millions of website some of which are visited by millions of traffic and are good, cheap and reliable to put affiliate campaigns on them in order to reach targeted customers. Learn how you will definitely improve your affiliate earning not by two folds but excessively.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Nuclear Affiliate

Information on how to become a Nuclear Affiliate will be available in the net from 15th of July and this is a big step forward for those looking for ways and means to do Affiliate Marketing.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

AffiloJetpack for Complete newbie affiliates

About AffiloJetpack

The following is what Mark Ling has to say about this wonderful marketing tool... "In a nutshell, AffiloJetpack is a collection of super high-quality, done-for-you websites. And when I say "high quality", I mean REALLY high quality. Higher quality than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Buyers receive:

A choice of 5 out of 10 niches chosen by us. These niches have been chosen because they offer great potential for affiliates, and because we've found that a lot of new affiliates spend a lot of time agonizing over which niche to go into.

90 top-quality newsletters per niche, organized into a 1-year followup sequence. These include hard-sells (written by me), scarcity, and really high quality informational emails. (Not rubbish PLR quality. You'd be proud to put your name on these emails.)

3 ebooks per niche that they can give away as sign-up bribes, or use as bonuses.

Our custom-created Wordpress theme which has been designed to be completely newbie-friendly, allowing them to tweak the layout, change colours, change fonts and layout, upload background images and headers, all without having to dive into any source code or fire up an FTP program. The theme also has a built-in squeeze page generator, featuring 4 of my top converting squeeze page layouts. They just enter their text and autoresponder form ID and it will generate the page for them.

Professionally designed header graphics/colors (at least 3 options per niche) with space for their own heading text.

20 high-quality articles to use on their website

One-click installation of Wordpress and our theme on our own hosting platform. They won't need to learn how to buy/set up hosting, install wordpress, upload a theme or anything: We do it all with one click. They’ll get one year’s free hosting in addition, or they can easily download everything and use their own hosting.

And remember.... buyers get FIVE niches like this. That’s 450 top-quality emails, 150 articles for website, 15 "free reports", and 15 professionally designed header graphics.

Training in traffic generation methods.

How can AffiloJetpack be used?

Use it to create an SEO site by re-wording the website articles.

Slap it up on a website and send traffic straight to the squeeze pages and rely on the autoresponder series to do all the heavy lifting as far as sales are concerned. (No need to reword the articles in this case... PPC doesn’t care!)

Use the content to bolster an existing site. A lot of affiliates don’t get around to creating an autoresponder sequence, so they can simply plug this one in to start building long-term relationships with a list through quality emails. They’ll also make consistent sales from these emails too, due to the inclusion of promotional emails.

People can see what a super-affiliate website looks like, and use it as a model for building further sites.

Who is AffiloJetpack for?

Complete newbie affiliates who might never have built a site before and don't know how to get started.

Affiliates who have tried building sites before, but have got bogged down with learning all the initial skills required to do market research, build a website, outsource content creation, etc. Many of these people give up.

Affiliates who have successfully built affiliate sites, but haven’t achieved much success because they’ve failed to add an autoresponder. We hear a lot of people saying that they "haven't got around to it yet" or that they’ll do it once their site starts making more money (because it can be an expensive thing to set up).

Affiliates who have little difficulty building sites and getting them earning, but who are attracted by the vast quantity and quality of this content for the price.

One of the really big selling points of this package is the quality of the content. I've mentioned it a few times already, but it’s a really big deal. To give you an indication of the quality, this content is so well written that I would be happy to send any of the internet marketing newsletters out to my own list, with my own name on them.

I actually recorded videos to teach the writer concepts so that they could write this content. These writers weren't cheap at all... we've spent close to $100,000 on getting this content developed. But it’ll be worth it, because people will want to stay subscribed to these lists."

This link can also help you.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Traffic Is The Key To Success Online

This is what one user of mass traffic on demand generator had to say... "Right up until late 2007, when things quickly began to change for me. My tiring quest for answers finally paid off as I began to uncover the TRUTH behind getting traffic online ... and it had nothing to do with the usual hard work and time sucking methods they've been shoving down your throats either.

And since that revelation hit me, everything changed. I had a life 'makeover'. I became a new person.

Then I was bombarded ... by every 'virtual' person on the internet, not just from the internet marketing crowd but also from every other possible niche, skilled from newbies, intermediates, advanced, gurus to multi-national companies.

They all wanted to know my secrets ... how the heck was I able to generate so much traffic out of nowhere? How was I able to dominate affiliate contests, launch new businesses and clean up in any niche, as a relatively unknown marketer?

Why? Because if they knew what I know about getting traffic, their lives would change dramatically for the better."

For your mass traffic generation towards your business, follow this link and you will kick yourself.

This is also a good link to help generate traffic.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Best Home Based Business

Just a moment and read what one man has to say in relation to working at home business... "Let me share a personal story with you. Back in the late 90s, I held an excellent position at a large IT company with a nice monthly salary. Somehow, the company ran into financial problems and was forced to lay off over 50% of its staff. Unfortunately for me, I was included. So there I was stranded, alone, unemployed, with all the bills to pay and a family to support. Where I lived, such jobs weren't easy to come by.

So I decided to do a little research. I spent many sleepless nights on the web just searching for something to do, anything that could help support me and my family. I just wanted a way to make money, and not lose it, as I soon found to be the case with numerous internet scams.

Just like you, I often stumbled upon all types of web sites offering me some money matrix scheme, promising me all the money in the world. Yeah, right! From stuffing envelopes, Multi Level Marketing, High Yield Investment Programs, to selling all types of useless products. You name it, I’ve been there, done that. Finally, I came across something that worked..."

You also can make some money working at home. 

And here are more secrets on how to go about it. 


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Viral-Inviter: A New Facebook

The first ever Viral "Tell-A-Friend" Software that makes old-fashioned "Tell-A-Friend" scripts obsolete is launched and is readily available in the market for a very reasonable price. This software called "Viral-Inviter" has the ability to allow users instantly and easily invite all of their contacts from Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL including sixty other servers by simply doing just two clicks on their personal computers. What it does is to use the same technology that powers Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and other such like servers to bring people with common interests together. It can generate as recommended by Mike Filsaime and other American internet marketing gurus, an avalanche of free traffic automatically in just seconds. More importantly, it can as well offer a customizable reward system in order to motivate users to continue inviting as many friends as possible. And by so doing, it combines automatically the most important Viral Marketing Factors, first making it as easy as possible for your visitors spread your message. Secondly, it rewards your visitors for doing you a favour of telling your message to their friends.

Once you turn on this Plug-And-Play In-A-Box Traffic-Generation System, you cannot always help smiling because it will never stop sending you visitors, users, and opt-ins to your website or marketing list. The system always works for any niche, business, and website thus taking care of your list building. It is very powerful as a list builder, because people are not coming to your website accidentally through a paid advert, sales copy or a free article from a strange looking article directory, but are invited by a friend. The secret about it is that, simply it is a friends referral system.

In the current world, trust is so scarce that people do not even trust their shadows, which makes internet home-business a bit tricky for people without sufficient funds required to utilize in expensive advertising methods such as Google AdWords in pay per click (PPC) campaigns. Therefore, the only easy solution to get visitors to your website who can at least trust you is by using the Viral-Inviter software. Your friends, who by nature might be the most trusted advisors in the entire universe, will invite their friends even when you are deadly asleep through Viral-Inviter.

Viral-inviter, a tool that will generate traffic for you.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Marketing Online For Starters - Fundamentals

In these trying economic times, more and more people are turning to "internet marketing" each day in order to supplement their income, making home-based businesses a lot more common place across the world. Unfortunately many of the internet marketing newbie entrepreneurs fail because in many respects the very definition of "internet marketing," can hinder them from achieving success. People think that by just marketing a product and raising its awareness can make them money, but selling that product over and over again does. The major key here is to sell, and there are four fundamental skills needed as explained by Mike Filsaime and Omar Martin, two American internet marketing giants. They also outline that there are 8 basic components that you should definitely need to thoroughly understand. This article will explain chronologically the four critical fundamentals. The eight components will be discussed in another Ezine article.

The first fundamental is "List Building" because everything you do online should be focused towards growing a list of your subscribers who by opt-in method become a huge asset of your internet business. They not only become your customers and followers, but also help you in acquisition of more members. To create this list you need a squeeze page attached strategically to your website, which is specifically designed to capture the on site visitors. The details collected are the visitors' name and e-mail address entered in the spaces provided by the web-form and stored in a database. Once the details are in the database you can send bulk e-mails to your subscribers in order to stay in touch with them or even start monetizing it by emailing promotional offers for either your own products, or affiliate products on which you will collect a commission if the subscribers make purchases. The easiest and commonly used way to entice someone to subscribe to your list and enter their details into your web-form is by way of an "ethical bribe". This means you offer something of value for free in exchange for the customers details and once they give you their name and email address you instantly give them access to their "Free Gift".

"Driving Traffic" is the second fundamental, important because after setting a website no matter how good your product is, no one would know that your business exists unless you let the public aware by promoting the site. Some of the methods used in driving the traffic to your website are: social networking like the Facebook, forums such as Warrior Forum, Ezine, banner exchanges and Pay Per Click advertising just to mention but few.

The third fundamental is "Increasing Conversions" because after the customers give you their valuable details to you, are expected that they will make sales. This is what is called conversion in the internet marketing language. There are various things that will make customers buy from your site such as the way your website is designed and structured as well as a provision of a copy to offer guarantee and its location. Other minor aspects mostly ignored by many marketers are the background color of the website. Is it too bright to allow a comfortable reading or very dull?

Finally the fourth fundamental skills needed to enable you the internet marketing newbie excel in the home-based business is duplication and is rated as the most important among all. This simply means copying what your mentor does because if they have done it and succeeded why not you? However, internet marketing newbies are blamed for following every mentor they come across in the internet thus having information overload. This overload more often than not fails the internet marketing starters and therefore are advised to follow only one successful marketing Guru. Get a free e-book from one such succesful millionaire.

A Life Changing 30 Day $1 Trial

By Wilfred Joyce

An American called Stephen Pierce, who went from being bankrupt and homeless to running a multi-million dollar business during the past ten years, announces the release of his Make Real Money in the Internet MRMI Super Cash programme. As a Certified Accelerated Innovation Trainer, Stephen travels the world coaching CEOs and other corporate executives. He is as well a Certified Coach and works one-to-one with individuals who want to pursue their dreams and set up their own home-based Internet business. He has made travels to India, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, and other countries Including United Kingdom on Prince Charles’ invitation at Buckingham Palace. Thanks to these travels because he has helped thousands of people around the world in setting up their own successful online business out of his coaching and inspiration.

"I created Super Cash because making more money doesn’t have to mean working more hours. It’s not about working harder… it’s about working smarter and using leverage." Thanks to the internet there are unprecedented opportunities to make money from home, even during present times of economic down turn. MRMI Super Cash is a monthly membership site that needs only $1 to join. It shows people step by step how to create an online business and gives members the tools they require to get their websites up and running in hours, with no mandatory computer knowledge. Members who join receive: Weekly coaching sessions - Live weekly webinars where members can get their questions answered.

Other features include: One, 12 Instant Income Machines - These are 12 ready-to-go websites where members "Just Add Traffic" and keep 100% of the profits. Two, proven Success Diagram - Takes you step by step through the process of making money online. Three, 5 instant traffic expert videos, check list and process maps - These are the key to bringing visitors to your website again and again. Four, free software, worksheets, guides and much more. Five, 70 minute "Real Money, Real Fast" video - Footage of a dynamic presentation given by Pierce. Six, 12 "Google Cash Creators" - Members "Just Add Traffic" to these ready-to-go websites and make money from Google without selling anything. And much more! "My entire life changed the moment I gave myself permission to succeed," says Pierce. "With MRMI Super Cash I have the opportunity to help others see that they, too, can succeed financially beyond what they have ever imagined." For more information about MRMI Super Cash  and a free e-book visit:

Monday, 1 March 2010

Multi Profit Websites Software

A software that newbies can use to start their internet business has been launched and is readily available in the market.
The best side of this software is that even the experienced marketers can use, because with it one can access giant websites such as eBay and Amazon by just a click of a button.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Forget Nexus One and Use 3G i-Phone Applications to Make money

Technology is growing like never before and in particular within the mobile phone industry. A company like the Apple has moved yet another step ahead and developed a third generation mobile phone popularly known as the 3G I-phone. Other companies undoubtedly will follow soot and come up with similar or slightly different models in an attempt to continue polishing I-phones technology. Google has already launched Nexus One. You can make money using 3G I-phone applications.

I-phone is a combination of an I-pod, a personal computer (PC) and a cellular phone. However, it is thin but wider and longer than most compatible devices. The display window of an I-phone is a multi-touch wide screen with an interface of usually high resolution. Unlike other Smart phones, I-phone does not utilise a hardware keyboard and therefore its user navigates by using multiple screen taps and drags when finding the way through a mobile version of Apple's OSX operating system. Just like an I-pod, an I-phone synchronises data with a user's PC and is therefore compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems, which include Vista.

The beauty of using the 3G I-phone is that according to there are thousands of applications one would choose from. These I-Phone applications are also called widgets. Some of these applications are in hot demand and people all over the world are scrabbling to get them. A good number of these applications if not all, can make money online and people can also develop theirs for sale in the internet. As such, by making applications and selling them or distributing them online, one can easily make enough money to make a good living.

The easiest way to create an I-Phone application is to purchase software that is made for this purpose. You can create your own I-Phone application if you follow the prompts and guidelines on the software package. This is the best way that you can get started with this procedure. It is software relatively easy to create because you can go to Google and download software for creating Widgets and use that for creating your application. In simple terms, you will create your I-Phone application by using software that you download to your own computer. Therefore, the widget or application will be created on your own computer.

To obtain widget tools is not difficult because all you need to do is getting gadgets or widgets and both are on Google and Yahoo respectively. You can also get general widget software to create your application. If you decide to create and distribute through the Apple site, you can download an application builder. This application builder gives you all the tools that you need in order to create your own widget and get started with construction of the widget, debugging it and then its distribution. Before you can upload your application to your Apple account, you will need to go through the debug step.

With good computer knowledge, you might want to create your own application by using basic internet tools. Simply download free tools, which will enable you to create your own applications. Many of the applications for the I-Phone are internet related and hence by working with a site and basic I-Phone technological skills, you can create an I-Phone application. After building a widget, you can make money on it by selling it entirely on your own website, without having to use the Apple site. For more visit

For more information on how to use the 3G applications and make money, visit my internet onlinebookshop at this website