Monday, 9 May 2011

How to Improve Your Affiliate Earning

You may be an affiliate or is considering to join the affiliate programs in order to earn yourself an extra buck particularly at this time of global financial down turn. Affiliate programs for those who are not aware are programs based on promoting other people’s products to earn commission. It is like the old model where people used to call brokerage, but the difference is that affiliates are done using the internet instead of mouth to mouth deals.

Of well known affiliate programs are The ClickBank, PayDot Com, Primus and Wolfstormmedia just to mention but few. The first three pay affiliates commissions whilst the last one pays those who join their program by giving them what we call Pay per Action (PPA). Here, an affiliate is credited with some money ranging from a few cents to even a hundred dollars when a lead is generated via their websites or links.

Majority of affiliates fail and quit the game leaving the gurus to make even more money at ease. One reason for such a failure is getting involved without really understanding the tricks of the game. And one of the most important tricks most people do not know is how to promote the products using other websites other than the use of Google Adwords. This is a method where an affiliate pays Google for what is called Pay per Click and is very expensive if done without proper know-how.

There are thousands of other not so popular websites which are getting a reasonable amount of traffic each month and they allow affiliates put their ads on them with also a reasonable cost. But knowing websites where affiliates can put their banners or links is not easy considering that the net is so huge and continues to grow even bigger. However, this problem has just been recently solved by a Canadian Affiliate marketer called Steve Iser, who made extraordinary software called Commission Crusher.

Commission Crusher allows you to access millions of website some of which are visited by millions of traffic and are good, cheap and reliable to put affiliate campaigns on them in order to reach targeted customers. Learn how you will definitely improve your affiliate earning not by two folds but excessively.