Saturday, 26 June 2010

AffiloJetpack for Complete newbie affiliates

About AffiloJetpack

The following is what Mark Ling has to say about this wonderful marketing tool... "In a nutshell, AffiloJetpack is a collection of super high-quality, done-for-you websites. And when I say "high quality", I mean REALLY high quality. Higher quality than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Buyers receive:

A choice of 5 out of 10 niches chosen by us. These niches have been chosen because they offer great potential for affiliates, and because we've found that a lot of new affiliates spend a lot of time agonizing over which niche to go into.

90 top-quality newsletters per niche, organized into a 1-year followup sequence. These include hard-sells (written by me), scarcity, and really high quality informational emails. (Not rubbish PLR quality. You'd be proud to put your name on these emails.)

3 ebooks per niche that they can give away as sign-up bribes, or use as bonuses.

Our custom-created Wordpress theme which has been designed to be completely newbie-friendly, allowing them to tweak the layout, change colours, change fonts and layout, upload background images and headers, all without having to dive into any source code or fire up an FTP program. The theme also has a built-in squeeze page generator, featuring 4 of my top converting squeeze page layouts. They just enter their text and autoresponder form ID and it will generate the page for them.

Professionally designed header graphics/colors (at least 3 options per niche) with space for their own heading text.

20 high-quality articles to use on their website

One-click installation of Wordpress and our theme on our own hosting platform. They won't need to learn how to buy/set up hosting, install wordpress, upload a theme or anything: We do it all with one click. They’ll get one year’s free hosting in addition, or they can easily download everything and use their own hosting.

And remember.... buyers get FIVE niches like this. That’s 450 top-quality emails, 150 articles for website, 15 "free reports", and 15 professionally designed header graphics.

Training in traffic generation methods.

How can AffiloJetpack be used?

Use it to create an SEO site by re-wording the website articles.

Slap it up on a website and send traffic straight to the squeeze pages and rely on the autoresponder series to do all the heavy lifting as far as sales are concerned. (No need to reword the articles in this case... PPC doesn’t care!)

Use the content to bolster an existing site. A lot of affiliates don’t get around to creating an autoresponder sequence, so they can simply plug this one in to start building long-term relationships with a list through quality emails. They’ll also make consistent sales from these emails too, due to the inclusion of promotional emails.

People can see what a super-affiliate website looks like, and use it as a model for building further sites.

Who is AffiloJetpack for?

Complete newbie affiliates who might never have built a site before and don't know how to get started.

Affiliates who have tried building sites before, but have got bogged down with learning all the initial skills required to do market research, build a website, outsource content creation, etc. Many of these people give up.

Affiliates who have successfully built affiliate sites, but haven’t achieved much success because they’ve failed to add an autoresponder. We hear a lot of people saying that they "haven't got around to it yet" or that they’ll do it once their site starts making more money (because it can be an expensive thing to set up).

Affiliates who have little difficulty building sites and getting them earning, but who are attracted by the vast quantity and quality of this content for the price.

One of the really big selling points of this package is the quality of the content. I've mentioned it a few times already, but it’s a really big deal. To give you an indication of the quality, this content is so well written that I would be happy to send any of the internet marketing newsletters out to my own list, with my own name on them.

I actually recorded videos to teach the writer concepts so that they could write this content. These writers weren't cheap at all... we've spent close to $100,000 on getting this content developed. But it’ll be worth it, because people will want to stay subscribed to these lists."

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