Monday, 29 March 2010

Marketing Online For Starters - Fundamentals

In these trying economic times, more and more people are turning to "internet marketing" each day in order to supplement their income, making home-based businesses a lot more common place across the world. Unfortunately many of the internet marketing newbie entrepreneurs fail because in many respects the very definition of "internet marketing," can hinder them from achieving success. People think that by just marketing a product and raising its awareness can make them money, but selling that product over and over again does. The major key here is to sell, and there are four fundamental skills needed as explained by Mike Filsaime and Omar Martin, two American internet marketing giants. They also outline that there are 8 basic components that you should definitely need to thoroughly understand. This article will explain chronologically the four critical fundamentals. The eight components will be discussed in another Ezine article.

The first fundamental is "List Building" because everything you do online should be focused towards growing a list of your subscribers who by opt-in method become a huge asset of your internet business. They not only become your customers and followers, but also help you in acquisition of more members. To create this list you need a squeeze page attached strategically to your website, which is specifically designed to capture the on site visitors. The details collected are the visitors' name and e-mail address entered in the spaces provided by the web-form and stored in a database. Once the details are in the database you can send bulk e-mails to your subscribers in order to stay in touch with them or even start monetizing it by emailing promotional offers for either your own products, or affiliate products on which you will collect a commission if the subscribers make purchases. The easiest and commonly used way to entice someone to subscribe to your list and enter their details into your web-form is by way of an "ethical bribe". This means you offer something of value for free in exchange for the customers details and once they give you their name and email address you instantly give them access to their "Free Gift".

"Driving Traffic" is the second fundamental, important because after setting a website no matter how good your product is, no one would know that your business exists unless you let the public aware by promoting the site. Some of the methods used in driving the traffic to your website are: social networking like the Facebook, forums such as Warrior Forum, Ezine, banner exchanges and Pay Per Click advertising just to mention but few.

The third fundamental is "Increasing Conversions" because after the customers give you their valuable details to you, are expected that they will make sales. This is what is called conversion in the internet marketing language. There are various things that will make customers buy from your site such as the way your website is designed and structured as well as a provision of a copy to offer guarantee and its location. Other minor aspects mostly ignored by many marketers are the background color of the website. Is it too bright to allow a comfortable reading or very dull?

Finally the fourth fundamental skills needed to enable you the internet marketing newbie excel in the home-based business is duplication and is rated as the most important among all. This simply means copying what your mentor does because if they have done it and succeeded why not you? However, internet marketing newbies are blamed for following every mentor they come across in the internet thus having information overload. This overload more often than not fails the internet marketing starters and therefore are advised to follow only one successful marketing Guru. Get a free e-book from one such succesful millionaire.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Multi Profit Websites Software

A software that newbies can use to start their internet business has been launched and is readily available in the market.
The best side of this software is that even the experienced marketers can use, because with it one can access giant websites such as eBay and Amazon by just a click of a button.