Friday, 8 January 2010

Forget Nexus One and Use 3G i-Phone Applications to Make money

Technology is growing like never before and in particular within the mobile phone industry. A company like the Apple has moved yet another step ahead and developed a third generation mobile phone popularly known as the 3G I-phone. Other companies undoubtedly will follow soot and come up with similar or slightly different models in an attempt to continue polishing I-phones technology. Google has already launched Nexus One. You can make money using 3G I-phone applications.

I-phone is a combination of an I-pod, a personal computer (PC) and a cellular phone. However, it is thin but wider and longer than most compatible devices. The display window of an I-phone is a multi-touch wide screen with an interface of usually high resolution. Unlike other Smart phones, I-phone does not utilise a hardware keyboard and therefore its user navigates by using multiple screen taps and drags when finding the way through a mobile version of Apple's OSX operating system. Just like an I-pod, an I-phone synchronises data with a user's PC and is therefore compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems, which include Vista.

The beauty of using the 3G I-phone is that according to there are thousands of applications one would choose from. These I-Phone applications are also called widgets. Some of these applications are in hot demand and people all over the world are scrabbling to get them. A good number of these applications if not all, can make money online and people can also develop theirs for sale in the internet. As such, by making applications and selling them or distributing them online, one can easily make enough money to make a good living.

The easiest way to create an I-Phone application is to purchase software that is made for this purpose. You can create your own I-Phone application if you follow the prompts and guidelines on the software package. This is the best way that you can get started with this procedure. It is software relatively easy to create because you can go to Google and download software for creating Widgets and use that for creating your application. In simple terms, you will create your I-Phone application by using software that you download to your own computer. Therefore, the widget or application will be created on your own computer.

To obtain widget tools is not difficult because all you need to do is getting gadgets or widgets and both are on Google and Yahoo respectively. You can also get general widget software to create your application. If you decide to create and distribute through the Apple site, you can download an application builder. This application builder gives you all the tools that you need in order to create your own widget and get started with construction of the widget, debugging it and then its distribution. Before you can upload your application to your Apple account, you will need to go through the debug step.

With good computer knowledge, you might want to create your own application by using basic internet tools. Simply download free tools, which will enable you to create your own applications. Many of the applications for the I-Phone are internet related and hence by working with a site and basic I-Phone technological skills, you can create an I-Phone application. After building a widget, you can make money on it by selling it entirely on your own website, without having to use the Apple site. For more visit

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